Getting on the Shelf - Launch and Grow your Food and Beverage Business Getting on the Shelf is an 8 week workshop program for startup food and beverage businesses. If you have an idea and want to learn how to to get your business started or if you have a startup business and want to learn how to grow it, this workshop series is for you.  Small food and beverage businesses which may need to rethink their business model will benefit as well.

Getting on the Shelf  provides a broad overview of what you'll need to consider and understand when you launch or scale a food and beverage business. From this program, you'll have a better idea of what's next for you and where you can get the help to be successful. A valuable benefit of participation will be the connections and resources you'll make, lasting help to build a profitable business.

The workshop program consists of eight 90 minute sessions. In weeks 1-3 we review general business practices and explore startup strategy. You'll learn how to "Work on your business and not in your business."  

Weeks 4-7 explore key food and beverage topics with the goal of familiarizing you with the complexities of a food or beverage business and ensuring you know where to turn to get subject matter assistance.

Week 8 is a "Market Evaluation" event where you'll present before a panel of food and beverage industry experts, gaining valuable feedback and connections.

Topics include:
  • Food science and safety
  • Licensing and regulations
  • Production facilities
  • Distribution
  • Branding and labeling
  • Packaging
  • Trademarks and IP
  • Business planing
  • Scaling
  • Hiring
  • Legal
  • Funding
  • ...and more
Workshop instructors include food and beverage professionals, industry experts, local business mentors, entrepreneurs, business consultants, and subject matter experts.

The program value is $795.  Generous subsidies and support from Benton County and Foundry Collective reduce have reduced the cost to $295. Additional scholarship funding is available on a needs basis to ensure no participant is turned away.

You can contact Brad Attig at [email protected] to learn more about these scholarships. Nobody will be turned away based on ability to pay.

Many local and regional organizations and businesses have lent their support and expertise including:

Foundry Collective
Benton County
OSU College of Agriculture Sciences, Department of Food Science and Technology, and Food Innovation Center
LBCC Small Business Development Center
Pitchfork Incubator Kitchen
Corvallis Foundry
OSU Advantage Accelerator
Cascades West Council of Governments
Community Lending Works
First Alternative Cooperative
Barker Uerlings Insurance
Bellweather Legal
...and others to come

Course Outline

Week 1
Entrepreneurial Thinking

Week 2
Customers and Sales

Week 3
Operations and Money

Week 4
Production, Food Safety,  Licensing

Week 5
Packaging, Labeling, Intellectual Property

Week 6
Growing your Business, Hiring Employees, Expanding Distribution

Week 7
Connecting to Resources

Week 8
Market Evaluations

Follow on workshops will be scheduled in the Spring of 2020 to further explore key topics, beyond what this program can offer.


Workshops will be held at Corvallis Foundry, 257 SW Madison, 2nd Floor, Corvallis OR 97333

If you require ADA access to Corvallis Foundry, please email us at [email protected].com

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