Pitchfork - Food and Beverage on Tap

Pitchfork - Food and Beverage on Tap events celebrate our local startup businesses. Value added products produced locally add so much to our community and surrounding region. These founders and their businesses help support small-scale food growers and highlight our agricultural diversity.  These startups help create a local, resilient economy.

Our next event is April 16th and it promises to be another exciting evening. At our March event, Judy Goodman from BGOOD Bars in Joseph, Oregon talked about her journey from fish scientist to creating an award-winning food business. We highlighted 5 local firms and had a wonderful evening.

We are always looking to feature startup food and beverage businesses as well as those who've made it to the next step. Please join us. 

This event is at Corvallis Foundry, 257 SW Madison Avenue, 2nd Floor, Corvallis