The COVID19 virus puts us in uncharted territory. We all know everyone is long on questions and short on answers. We do know that social distancing is important and effective. We know that if you're not feeling well or think you may have been exposed, you should stay home. We know that many businesses are closing or changing operations. As a non-profit, we often come up against seemingly insurmountable odds. We hope that you will remain with us through this uncharted territory so that we are able to continue our work here and in rural communities across Oregon. Most of all we want our community and members to take care of themselves and help out others when they are able. 

Regarding COVID19, here are some steps we’ve taken. All events and activities are canceled and tours are suspended. We are leaving the decision to work out of Corvallis Foundry in the hands of our members and their teams, We ask that you do not bring visitors to Corvallis Foundry and that you avoid in-person meetings at Corvallis Foundry with anyone who is not a member.

As of 3/17/20 common surfaces, knobs, dishes, and chairs have been cleaned. We will be continuing to clean as much as possible with limited staffing. There are 6 strategically placed tubs of sanitizing wipes, please use them. Wipe down your laptops, keyboards, mouse, mousepads, work areas, and other places you might touch. Wipe down shared spaces before and after you work there. There are plenty of paper products and extra soap in the white cabinets. If you use a plate, cup, or silverware, place it in the dishwasher or wash it. Please DO NOT leave dirty dishes in the sink.

Below is a list of helpful ways to stay connected and working during this outbreak. Be safe and exercise good judgement. Email or slack us if you need anything.

Wishing you health and security,

The Team at Corvallis Foundry - Video and Voice conferencing

- Free plan: unlimited 1 to 1 and groups @ 40 minute/group 

- - Video recording

- Increased their free service levels!


- has a free plan as well.


eLearnCommerce - 

- We have a master license for eLearnCommerce. A state of the art online learning platform. If you or someone you know needs to get courses up fast, this platform is simple and we can provide technical help. We can also give you a license for free.


Corvallis Foundry Tools 

- We have streaming tools and equipment!. Let’s figure out how to leverage technology to help you!

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